Job Description – Drama Practitioner

You will be required to deliver drama classes and/or drama parties on a contract basis.

Contracts will be one-off contracts for parties, and half termly for community/preschool classes.

You will have an opportunity to work around your own commitments in a fun and relaxed environment. You will be able to work part time hours at a very good rate of pay.

You will be expected to follow the plans provided, but encouraged to adapt if the children lead you in different directions. (More detail of this will be explained in the interview.)

You will be enthusiastic and entertaining, you will be adaptable and forward thinking.

You will be able to meet and demonstrate the core values of A Little Dramatic:

  1. We are passionate about inspiring confidence.
  2. Our teaching is fun, lively, structured and well planned with positive behaviour management.
  3. We adapt with enthusiasm.
  4. We are passionate that every child is valued, respected and heard.
  5. We are reliable, trustworthy and committed to providing continuity and progression for the children.

You will be reliable, punctual, and polite to the parents, children and staff you come into contact with. 

You will be respectful of all the interactions you have when representing A Little Dramatic. 

You will be treated with great respect from your employer.

You will be able to provide your own transport to/from the venues.

You will ensure the props are in a good state – you will inform us of any breakages when they happen (no one is infallible) so new props can be purchased as soon as possible. 

Should you be appointed, as the business grows you may wish to grow with it, so please share your other skills which may be useful as and when the business expands.

The deadline for the application is Monday 23rd October.

If you are successful you will be invited to interview. The interview will take place in the evening of 6th/7th/8th November at some point between 6-9pm.