How often do classes run?

Classes will be weekly on Friday mornings in term time, and there will sometimes be holiday classes but they are discretionary. All classes will be published on the website here

How much are classes?

Term time classes are £8, discounted to £7 if you book for the entire term. Additional siblings attending the classes are entitled to a discount (so £6 for the extra sibling PAYG or £5 per class if booked termly (Please note, tiny siblings who don’t join in are welcome for free).

How can I pay?

I take all types of Credit/Debit/Contactless Pay for transactions in person using a SUM UP terminal, and online in the shop. I send invoices asking for bank transfers for parties and education establishments. I do not currently accept cash.

You can pay in person at the class for PAYG or the whole term.

Alternatively you can pay using the a little dramatic classes page. If all spaces are taken up please contact me to ask to be placed on the waiting list.

If I cannot turn up can I be refunded?

I do not usually offer refunds, but in exceptional circumstances discretion may be applied. 

If the class leader cancels will I be refunded?

Yes. You will receive £7 if you paid termly or £6 if you paid for the individual session. If you prefer you can claim this back on future classes, but full refunds will apply.

Where are the venues?

Lopping Hall in Woodford – Friday mornings at 10 – 10.45am.

To look at the venue’s facilities and parking options in more detail please go to getting here. We are hiring more staff soon so hope to be able to offer more classes in more venues.

What happens in the classes?

We start with games relating to the chosen theme and then we are interrupted by Dave the Dramatic Dragon. After we help Dave with a problem (he will need us to teach him to roar/breathe fire/fly, and we teach him through a movement warm up), he helps us by giving us information or guidance on our next task. We then take part in in-role work, play more games and sometimes create a short ‘performance’. To finish we play parachute games (usually a variation on ‘cat/mouse’ and ‘fruit salad’). Children mostly work alone or as a whole group, but occasionally they work in pairs or small groups – this teamwork requires patience, communication and sensitivity, and is an incredibly difficult skill for pre-schoolers to foster.

Do parents/carers need to stay in the classes?

Yes. Health and safety guidelines dictate that the ratio of adults to children is high in Early Years. Also, I (the class leader) will lead the activities and communicate effectively with the children but should any disciplinary procedures (beyond polite requests) be required, parents/carers will need to step in. It may also be helpful for parents/carers to help guide/suggest ideas to their children at some points, this may be suggested vocally. I encourage children to be left alone as much as possible.

Can I bring my much younger/older child to sit in but not get involved in the class?

Yes – but please ensure they do not disrupt the activities. If they do get involved you will be asked to pay for them at the sibling rate. 

Is it strictly 3-5 year olds?

No – this is the age recommended but you may have a very enthusiastic and confident 2.5year old who you feel would do well in the classes, or you may have a 6year old who is home schooled / out of school for a day and you think they would do well. It is your choice as a parent, but be aware the majority of the class will be of this age. In school holidays older children are welcome.

What happens if my child or I get hurt?

Due to the health and safety and safeguarding policies all accidents must be documented as soon as possible. Each venue will have an accident book and the session leader and the carer present will both sign and date the written statement. Carers will be asked to administer first aid. The policies and risk assessments are here should you wish to read them in full.

Do you offer any other services?

I have been a qualified Drama Teacher for over 15 years and as such am able to offer a variety of services for nurseries and schools here, and I also offer a party service here. I am flexible with the terms of these services, so should you have any specific requests please contact me.

Do you have any vacancies?

Yes, please see the vacancy page here.