Terms and Conditions

A Little Dramatic terms and conditions

A Little Dramatic’s Terms and Conditions aim to present a fair sustainable structure to all. We aim to provide the highest quality classes for all our customers.

We are committed to the safety of all persons who attend our lessons and to deliver the highest standard of service.

Participating in an A Little Dramatic class is entirely at your own risk without any proven negligence, breach of duty of care or lack of due diligence by A Little Dramatic

Payment Methods

Payment is through bank transfer (online) or card payment (in person).

Confirmation of place

Your place will only be confirmed on full payment. You have the option to attend sessions as “drop ins” however please check before leaving that the class is not full.

If you book online an acknowledgment will be sent with payment details however booking confirmation will only be sent when payment is received.


We do not offer refunds unless the class is unable to go ahead.

Sibling discount

A Little Dramatic will offer discounts for siblings from September 2018 – £2 off each class, with the first sibling being paid for in full.

Supervision of your child

You should stay in the room with your child throughout the class. Should you need to leave the room to deal with one child and leave your other child in the room, you should make an arrangement with another parent/carer. The Class Leader can never be responsible for your child.

Withdrawal of service

Should a carer or associated visitor behave in a way that the Class Leader feels is unreasonable then the company reserves the rights to withdraw the provision of classes to the client.

Cancellation of Classes policy

A Little Dramatic will endeavour to run classes during bad weather e.g. snowy conditions. However should we need to cancel due to safety concerns, parents will be notified/contacted (please check the facebook page and make sure your email address is kept up to date on our register). If the class leader cannot attend due to illness you will also be notified of cancellations.
In these instances you will be offered a refund via your original payment method or a refund against a future term’s fees.

Commitment to Equal Opportunities

A Little Dramatic has a commitment to ensure that the equipment and activities are value and worth to everyone regardless of race, culture, language, gender, age, experience, religion, background, ability or disability.

Data Protection

A Little Dramatic will record, process and keep your personal information secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR 2018. Information will not be passed onto a third party unless you have opted in during the booking process. Our privacy policy can be read here.

Videos, photographs and confidentiality

We love you taking pictures or videos of your children during the course provided it doesn’t interfere with the class and you do not photograph any other children. Should A Little Dramatic wish to take photos you will be asked for written permission, which you have every right to decline. Your rights apply and can be viewed in our privacy policy.

Protection of property

Please note that your property left in prams or bags is your responsibility and A Little Dramatic cannot take any responsibility for the safeguarding of these items.

Should you have any other points that need clarification please read the FAQs page on our website or email us at hello@alittledramatic.co.uk