Hansel and Gretel

Suggested follow up activities:

  • Learn about hunger and the digestive system, why we need to eat and what hunger is.
  • Make maps, and go on scavenger hunts for bits of “bread” using clues which could be mathematical or literacy based.
  • Explore how to set up a camp fire/bed.
  • Create a house out of “sweets” or other objects.
  • Explore how fire burns and cooks food, look into fire-safety.
  • Discuss ‘stranger danger’ and what to do if you ever get lost.
  • Create a potion for the witch – look at rhyming words, onomatopoeia or alliteration. Find objects to throw in the potion.
  • Drama Group Activity: “Witchy says” – Similar to simon says but with the witch in control – children who are out you go into the ‘cage’ (this can just be a position on the floor).  If anyone is able to make the witch laugh then everyone from the ‘cage’ can be rescued.