Little Red Riding Hood

Suggested follow up activities:

  • Create a recipe for Grandma’s cookies and bake them. 
  • Experiment with sense of taste and smell, discuss salty, sweet, umami, sour and bitter. Also with sense of smell, discuss fruity, woody, chemical, minty, nutty and pungent. You can create a list of “favourites”, do ‘blind’ testing or even create made up recipes for people who “like” certain smells and tastes (e.g. Bob likes sour foods and chemical smells, please create a shopping list for him)
  • Pick some flowers and press them
  • Explore faces – look at where eyes and ears are on wolves and people. Look at how humans and animals have features positioned differently.
  • Create your own woodland area with a bug hotel.
  • Group drama game: Wolf Infested Custard – an extension of hopscotch. Children must start in certain areas – if you are able to mark out the floor using tape, space markers or even hoola hoops. (Hoola hoops are best for early years as they are much larger). You must then inform children to get into a new ‘order’ (older children often enjoy birthday or height order, for early years I would suggest register order or giving each child a random number using a sticky label) You then give the children a set amount of time to reposition themselves, without touching the “wolf infested custard” which is the unmarked floor. If children touch the floor you can choose to let them “lose a life” or maybe “lose time”. You can be competitive and post times of other classes to encourage children to improve. This is great for teamwork, encourage children to be kind to each other.