The Elves and The Shoemaker

Suggested follow up activities:

  • Set up a shoe shop and ‘sell’ items, explore coins, notes and basic maths.
  • Design your own shoes, using templates or from your own imagination.
  • Learn to tie shoe laces
  • Find ways to be helpful to others, learn about responsibilities in your school setting.
  • Group Drama game: Secret Elves – In this game one child becomes the shoemaker and doesn’t take part, and the other children take part in repetitive movements to make the shoes (patting cheeks, rubbing hands, clapping hands, etc). In a similar way to ‘follow my leader’, the secret Elf is the leader, and when the elf changes the movement (for example from clapping to waving) the other children must change too. The Shoemaker must guess who the secret elf is, teachers should state how many guesses are acceptable.