The Emperor’s New Clothes

Suggested follow up activities:

  • Design your own clothes using templates
  • Tie-dye or craft designs on t-shirts.
  • Learn sewing techniques that tailors may need to know.
  • Measure each other and sort information into tables, identifying ‘biggest’ and ‘smallest’ for various categories.
  • Create a catwalk for either the children, or puppets. Children to discuss their designs (which they could make using fancy dress or recycled materials) and narrate as someone wears their choice.
  • Group Drama Game: Mirror image – children work in pairs to experiment with being each other’s mirrors. Encourage children to start slowly and on the spot, building speed later, you may even see if you can get children to talk at the same time. The children can showcase their work to each other and you can encourage children to identify good things about each other’s work.