The Three Little Pigs

Suggested Follow Up Activities:

  • Encourage exploration the strength of wind, possibly with windmills or paper boats.
  • Experiment with building houses out of different materials, exploring how to make them strong. Possibly look into 3D shapes like pyramids to see how strong they are.
  • Experiment with pig-tail spirals to help with handwriting.
  • Create pig-noses with egg boxes and string. Use fine motor skills to thread the string.
  • Identify and classify materials into their ‘opposite’ properties, e.g. soft/rough – heavy/light – hard to break/easy to break- solid/malleable.
  • Group Drama game: A version of ‘Piggy in the Middle” – All students stand in a large circle. One student becomes the wolf and moves slowly towards a chosen student (his target ‘piggy’, lets’ say it’s Bob). If he gets to the piggy (Bob) before one of the other piggy’s save them he wins! In order for Bob to be saved, he must shout ‘help’, then another piggy must say his name clearly! Whoever said his name is now the target for the wolf, must shout help and have their name said clearly. No running is allowed.