Video classes

Please enjoy eight classes for preschoolers which follow some of the normal class activities, but note they are much heavier on role play and include little competitive and cooperative games. They can be found online here.

The “Traditional Tales” classes were all developed during the 2020 pandemic using green screen and incorporate similar elements to that of usual classes.

All classes follow a similar structure – starting with a game, encouraging Dave (the Dramatic Dragon) to come out of his box, teaching him to either fly, breathe fire or roar, and then exploring the story. Opportunities for mathematical knowledge to be practiced was exploited fully. We end these classes with the same mindful activity each time, a ‘circles of attention’ listening activity.

The classes have been designed with social distancing in mind, and although there is lots of movement children could take part standing on the spot if required. There are no props required, and so no preparation by teachers is necessary.

I also have eight lessons which are appropriate for KS2 children through Oak National Academy. The Migration lessons can be viewed here, and the Myths and Legends lessons can be viewed here.