Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Suggested follow up activities:

  • Look into “the goldilocks effect” of space – why Earth is ‘just right’ for life.
  • Find objects and classify – from big to small, from heavy to light, from soft to rough, from hot to cold, possibly colour spectrum, etc.
  • Explore “averages” look at what an average means and how we measure averages in mathematical terms.
  • Explore the rule of law about entering someone’s house. Discuss why you shouldn’t go to places you don’t know unaccompanied.
  • Decide why goldilocks was lost – create a story as to what happened before she got to the Bears’ house – possibly with puppets.
  • Group Drama Game: “Just Right” – similar to a game of corners/ NSEW – you could use any terms but I suggest beds, chairs, porridge, and bears. Make it clear which area is which maybe by signing or using pictures. When children get there they need to be “too hot/hard/small”, “too cold/soft/big” or “just right” by showing this in a mime. (with bears they can just “growl”!) You can give points to the quickest children, the best mimes, the most considerate of others, etc.